Our Approach
We are extremely discreet and respect the sensitivity of the engagement.  Once engaged, we contact our buyers and market your securities, securing as many term sheets as possible with various terms.  Our goal is to obtain the highest price with the best terms in the shortest time frame with the least intrusion on your time.  Additionally, we are well-versed with all of the proper legal documentation necessary to complete these transactions and will work very closely with your counsel and board members to ensure total compliance. There are several steps that we have mastered which include reviewing all shareholder agreements, retaining waivers from existing shareholders, and assessing the transferability and restrictions of your shares.

Why Sell?

Capitalize on the progress of your company
No Lock-ups
No disclosure requirements to the public markets, (especially, if IPO is possible exit)
No longer with the company
Personal matters

How Do You Qualify As a Target Client?

NETCIRQ primarily focuses on venture-backed companies that are three to thirty-six months away from a potential liquidity event.  A typical transaction size ranges from $500K to $50 million. It is helpful if the founder(s) is(are) still currently in management with the company or are able to provide access to the management team for buyer due diligence.

Who Have Done This?

The founders of Google, Salesforce.com, Craigslist, Facebook, Tesla Motors, NetFlix, Carbonite and many others all have sold some of their stock when their companies were still private. Several of the aforementioned companies have closed their transactions through NETCIRQ. Their venture backers include Benchmark, New Enterprise Associates, TCV, Accel Partners, ONSET, General Atlantic and Menlo Ventures.

Who Buys Your Shares?

We market your transaction to institutional buyers who are able to invest in restricted secondary interests in common/preferred stock. NETCIRQ ensures the best price. There is no impact on the capitalization of your company as existing shares are simply being transferred.